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320 Free Stroke Icons For Your Web Designs

Free Stroke Icons
File size: 492 KB • Format: SVG, Icon font, Wordpress plugin • Requirements: Wordpress 4+ (for Wordpress version) • License: Free • See more:

I have to admit, stroke icons are some of my favorite icons. They are the ultimate expression of elegance, minimalism and simplicity in icon design. Today we are presenting you a pack of 320 free stroke icons, released by our friends at Themify. The pack can be used in any webdesign or app. Actually the inspiration for these icons was Apples iOS 7.

Great deal for designers

This icon pack is quite large and is divided into several sections : arrows and direction icons, web app icons, control icons, text editor icons, layout icons and brand icons.

The format the icons are available in is the web format. That means that theyre embedded as a web font and you can easily use them in your website, just by integrating the needed font and CSS file. You can freely download and use these icons in your personal and commercial projects.

Why use stroke icons ?

  • elegant and minimal design
  • easy to work with
  • can be used in conjunction with any color
  • really expressive
  • can be embedded in any website in 2 minutes
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