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Blisk, A Browser For Web Developers

Blisk, A Browser For Web Developers
File size: See each version • Format: EXE, DMG • Requirements: Windows 7+, OS X • License: Free • See more:

Blisk is a powerful new browser specifically created for web developers. It’s based on the Google Chromium project and it includes fully emulated phones, tablets and laptops.

Great deal for designers

With Blisk you are always at same page and same scroll position using the scroll sync function. It works from mobile to desktop and vice versa. Blisk also includes powerful analytics so you can test your project’s performance on different platforms.

Blisk Cloud allows you to store and access your data from anywhere. There is also a page screenshot section where you can take and manage your screenshots, an auto-refresh function, page inspector and error notifications.

Blisk is available for Windows and OS X, and soon there will be a Linux version.

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