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Create Medium-like Side Comments With Javascript

Medium-like Side Comments With JQuery
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If you ever visited a Medium blog (for example PixelsMarket on Medium), surely you mush have noticed the amazing comments. If you didn’t let me give you a short description. Instead of the classic WordPress blogging comments at the end of the article, Medium comes with a nice variation : side comments.

Great deal for designers

You can leave your comment in the side of any paragraph of the article you wish. This provides better perspective and integrates better the user interaction into context. Below you can find a comparison between Medium comments and Medium-like side comments you can create with this awesome JQuery plugin.

Medium Side Comments

Medium Side Comments

As you can see to the left of the paragraph, the comments are very well integrated in the context of the article. The image is an excerpt of a great post on Medium regarding how to increase your productivity (see here).

Medium-like Side Comments With Javascript

Medium-like Side Comments

These awesome Medium-like side comments are made with an amazing JQuery plugin called SideComments.js. This awesome code snippet allows you to add the comment functionality to any HTML paragraph and it can be adapt it, of course, to WordPress. Enjoy!

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