The Elementor, A Free But Premium Page Builder Plugin

Elementor Page Builder Plugin For Wordpress
File size: 1.3 MB • Format: Wordpress plugin • Requirements: Wordpress 4.4+ • License: Free • See more:

Elementor is a free frontend page builder plugin for WordPress that can be used to create landing pages, homepages, portfolios, services and any other page, post, or custom post type on WordPress.

The plugin has advantages over other page builders, free or paid, in 4 major aspects:

1. Speed of design

This is the only page builder with instant drag & drop. Compare how much easier it is to drag any widget and have it appear instantaneously. This is something that, once you try it, you can’t settle for anything slower.

Elementor Page Builder Plugin

2. Great code behind

A lot of page builders have been built a long time ago, and have adapted to new technologies by creating patches over patches of code. Elementor is written with the strictest code standards, and this is what makes the pages load so fast. This is also crucial for the SEO and accessibility of the pages you create.

Elementor Page builder WordPress Plugin

3. Customizability of design

Elementor is the page builder for designers, so we’ve constructed every widget to be as highly customizable as possible. I am talking about customization to the pixel level, so for example when you add a button with text and an icon, you can change even the distance between the icon and the text. This customization level is never before seen in any page builder.

Elementor Page Builder Plugin For WordPress

4. Frontend done right

Designing the page on the frontend is by far the easiest way to design any page, but until now WordPress lacked the functionality that builders like Wix or Squarespace offered. With Elementor, we bring WordPress to the same level of design as the greatest website builders.

Elementor now include 27 different widgets, and this number is rising, with new widgets added every couple of weeks.

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