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Fontea, 800 Google Fonts In Your Photoshop

Fontea Free Photoshop Fonts Plugin
File size: 45.9 MB • Format: Plugin (EXE) • Requirements: Photoshop CC 2015+ • License: Free • See more:

Fontea is a free Photoshop font plugin that allows you to easily apply all 800 Google fonts with one click in your Photoshop and it’s not braking the native workflow.

Great deal for designers

So if you need a new font to brighten up your website, app UI, banner or whatever, you just open the plugin in Photoshop, select the font layer (or layers) you want to edit and click on the font you like.

With Fontea you can search fonts by name or browse different categories of typefaces. Beside this, you can create your favourite library of fonts, so you don’t have to search for them never more.

Fontea is available for both Windows and OS X versions of Photoshop.

Download Fontea

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