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Gridly, Free Minimal Grid System

Gridly, Free Minimal Grid System
File size: 170 B • Format: CSS • Requirements: None • License: Free • See more:

Gridly is probably the lightest grid system you can find right now. Everything about this grid system screems minimal. The total size of the CSS file is around 170 bytes and that’s simply amazing for your website’s speed.

Great deal for designers

Gridly supports browsers that implement the Flexible Box Layout Module.

Another awesome thing about this grid system is that it’s available on CloudFlare CDN. That means you won’t have to load your web server with additional requests, the load being balanced on the CloudFlare servers.

There is a normal version of Gridly and a minimal version, which doesn’t include the custom size columns. If you don’t need them you can use the minimal version.

Gridly, Free Minimal Grid System

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