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Subway, Pixel-Perfect Icons For iOS, Apple Watch, Windows and BlackBerry 10

Subway, Icons for iOS, Apple Watch, Windows 10 and Blackberry 10

Subway is a beautiful set of over 300 pixel-perfect icons optimized for iOS, Apple Watch, Windows and BlackBerry 10 designed by Mariusz Ostrowski.

Te pack includes:

  • Apple Watch Menu Icons
  • iOS ([email protected] and [email protected])
  • iOS 7/8 Style ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected], iOS 8 PDF)
  • Windows Phone (48px and 72px)
  • Windows 8 (40px)
  • BlackBerry 10 (96px, 81px, 71px and 61px)

delivered in a bundle of formats: PNG, SVG, XALM, PSD, CSH, SKETCH, PDF, AI and EPS format.

The icons are free to use in your personal and commercial projects.

Subway Icons Preview

Subway Icons Preview

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