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Inspiring Illustrations by Max Degtyarev

Max Degtyarev is a very talented Russian illustrator based in Moscow. He makes illustrations of real objects as well as concept arts for games. His style of design is characterized by being very attentive to detail. Illustrations by Max Degtyarev

PixelsMarket Cool Websites for August 6th 2017

Once again we present you a round-up of beautiful and inspirational website designs. This is a weekly series of articles we publish on Sunday and includes a selection of amazing website designs created by top designers. If you know a beautiful… More info →

Levels by Romain Trystram

Romain Trystram is a very talented illustrator based in Morocco. These illustrations, entitled “Neighbourhoods” show places in New York, Shanghai, Napoli, Paris and Napoli. “Levels” is a beautiful exercise in imagination, I especially like the transitions between the different levels, between real and… More info →

Design Inspiration : Jazz Festival Posters

Claypole is a little city placed in Buenos Aires outskirts. Its festival brings the most talented jazz musicians around the world to the humble neighbourhood where artists fell in love with the small housed landscape that gives concerts an unusual… More info →

Showreel 2017 by Kasra Design

Beautifully animated  3D animated sequences created for the Kasra Design’s 2017 Showreel. Fully owned by Explainer Videoly Sdn Bhd, Kasra Design is an animation company specialized  in the production of explainer videos, motion graphics, TV commercials and  corporate videos. Kasra Design’s 2017… More info →

20 Creative Business Card Designs

It can be considered as an achievement when you have already established your own business or career that would make you famous and trusted by many. However, being able to grab the people’s attention and making them consider your offer… More info →

Natural History Surrealist Sculptures by Ellen Jewett

Ellen Jewett is a really interesting surrealist artist that does amazing “photo manipulation”-like sculptures and prints of them. You can see more of the artist’s work on ellenjewettsculpture.com Ellen Jewett Surrealist Sculptures

Neighbourhoods Illustrations by Romain Trystram

Romain Trystram is a very talented illustrator based in Morocco. These illustrations, entitled “Neighbourhoods” show places in New York, Shanghai, Napoli, Paris and Napoli. You can find him on Behance or on Dribbble.

Beautiful Illustrations by Peter Mohrbacher

Peter Mohrbacher is an independent illustrator and concept artist living in the Chicago area. He works full-time on his creator owned project Angelarium. He’s also known for a 3 year stint working on Magic: The Gathering where his art and designs… More info →

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