Logo Design, 7 Steps to Create Cool Logos for the Web

Logo Design, 7 Steps to Create Cool Logos for the Web

Even if you’re a novice web designer, you know your decisions affect a client’s brand identity—and that can include their logo. For such a tiny marketing piece, logos contain a lot of nuance. They stand in for a company’s full name, tell potential clients what the company does, and encourage them to interact with the brand.

Creating powerful logos can be challenging, since it’s not exactly the first thing web designers learn in school. Luckily, you can become a logo design pro with these 7 steps to creating the perfect logo.

Entice the audience

As with any part of a website, a logo creates a particular user experience. It makes them think, feel, or respond a certain way. Knowing your target audience lets you cater to their passions.

Be unique

Look at other logos in your client’s industry and ask yourself, which colors are they using? Which symbols? Which fonts? Then, make your design memorable by including one or two elements that are unusual for the industry.

Build on timeless elements

Since trends die off quickly, a trendy logo is likely to fall by the wayside, too. You can prevent this if you implement classic components of older, long-lasting logos into your own design.

Infuse new ideas

With a sturdy foundation in place, you can afford to experiment and have some fun. Think of an innovative, eye-catching new element to add to your logo. (Just remember not to go too crazy without your client’s approval.)

Simplify your design

Complicated logos are difficult to recognize and remember, which hurts viewers’ brand recognition. Remove unnecessary factors from your design to help your audience recognize it at a glance.

Make consistent choices

You’ve seen websites where a menu, color, or image didn’t match, so it stands to reason the same thing can happen to logos. Keep your creative brief handy, so you can choose colors, fonts, symbols, and other elements that match the client’s identity.

Adapt your logo

Logos often appear in different sizes in different places on a website. And although you’re designing for online use, the client may apply it to print marketing. With that in mind, test that your logo is scalable and is legible in black and white.

Logo Design, 7 Steps to Create Cool Logos for the Web

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