Today we have a great Material Design open-source resource for you. We are talking about Material Design Icons by Google. This is a huge collection of free icons available in SVG, PNG and Icon Font format, which you can use in your web designs as well as in Android and iOS app designs. You can download all the icons, just one or a few. There’s also a neat search function to look for a specific icon.

The icon repository is also available on GitHub making it even easier for developers to customize, share, and re-use. There are over 750 icons included, divided in these categories : Action, Alert, Audio-Video, Communication, Content, Device, Editor, File, Hardware, Image, Maps, Navigation, Notification, Social and Toggle icons.

The material icon font is the easiest way to incorporate material icons with web projects. There are over 750 icons included in it, and is served from Google Web Fonts servers or it can be self-served. Being vector based it looks perfectly on any display, including retina.

Material Design Icons Preview

Here’s a small preview of this amazing icons repository.

Material Design Icons

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