Notie.js Notification Plugin

Notie.js Notification Plugin for Javascript

File size: 0.35 MB • Format: JS • Requirements: None • License: Free • See more:

Notie.js is a simple and very lightweight Javascript plugin for notifications (alert/growl style). The plugin is very simpe to integrate into your HTML and has no dependencies.

With notie.js you can: Alert users, Confirm user choices, Input user information.


  • Pure javascript, no dependencies, only one file to include
  • Works in all modern browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE, Edge, Opera)
  • Easily customizable
  • Change the colors to match your style/brand
  • Font size auto-adjusts based on screen size
  • Turn bottom shadow off for flat design, on for material design
  • Override or add styling in a separate .css file (optional)

Notie.js Notification Plugin for Javascript