Design Freebies and Weekly Coolness
Podriq - A Free Typeface

Podriq – A Free Typeface

A beautiful free typeface designed by Matt Cole Wilson you can use in your graphic designs. The font is available in 3 widths: regular, thin and thick. You can use this font…
Crate Free Minimal Wordpress Theme

Crate, Minimal WordPress Theme

Crate is an elegant minimal Wordpress theme you can use if you want to focus just getting your message out there, without any distractions. Crate features a live theme customizer you…
New Year's Eve Icons

Free New Years Eve Vector Icons

A small pack of free New Years Eve Vector Icons designed by a talented designer from Bratislava, Tomáš Dlugoš. The pack includes 12 free vector icons representing the New Year's Eve party,…
Subway, Icons for iOS, Apple Watch, Windows 10 and Blackberry 10

Subway, Pixel-Perfect Icons For iOS, Apple Watch, Windows and BlackBerry 10

Subway is a beautiful set of over 300 pixel-perfect icons optimized for iOS, Apple Watch, Windows and BlackBerry 10 designed by Mariusz Ostrowski. Te pack includes: Apple Watch Menu Icons iOS ([email protected]