Photo Pea, Edit PSD Files Online

Photo Pea - Edit PSD Files Online
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Did you ever find yourself in the situation where you had to edit a PSD file on the go and didn’t have Adobe Photoshop installed? If you did, then this tool will definitely be worth checing out.

Photo Pea is a cool online tool that lets you edit PSD files. In development for some while, not Photo Pea has reached version 1.7, and now supports the GIF format, rulers, guides, zooming, grouping layers and more.

Photo Pea, Edit Photoshop PSD Files Online

Some of the main features of Photo Pea are:

  • Layers – to split images into several parts
  • Layer masks – just generally useful
  • Blend modes – specifying, how layers “combine” with each other
  • Brush – there must be a way to change the color of pixels
  • Selections – choosing, which pixels of layer you want to edit
  • Procedural adjustments – changing brightness, hue, saturation, convolutions (blur, sharpening …) etc.

Some of the main advantages of Photo Pea is that it’s available cross-browser and cross-operating systems. Of course, for more advanced jobs you will still need Photoshop, but for the basic, quick editing thi tool is very good.

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