PixelsMarket Cool Websites #16

Youandigraphics - PixelsMarket Cool Websites #16
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Once again we present you a round-up of beautiful and inspirational website designs.

This is a weekly series of articles we publish on Sunday and includes a selection of amazing website designs created by top designers. If you know a beautiful website, send it to us via the Submit Inspiration form.

In case you missed the previous issue: PixelsMarket Cool Websites #15

Today we have for you a selection of these cool websites : Jetty, Kendra Schaefer, Shuka Design, Volkshaus and Youandigraphics.


Jetty Passport and Jetty Renters Insurance save you money on your security deposit, eliminate time spent looking for a lease guarantor, and free you from worry about the things and the home you love.

Jetty - PixelsMarket Cool Websites #16

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Kendra Schaefer

American tech writer living in Beijing. Chinese user interface consultant & occasional designer.

Kendra Schaefer - PixelsMarket Cool Websites #16

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Shuka Design

Moscow-based design studio. Tailoring identities. Producing  websites. Making books. Being cool.

Shuka Design - PixelsMarket Cool Websites #16

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Cool website for Swiss company Volkhaus.

Volkshaus - PixelsMarket Cool Websites #16

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Youandigraphics is run by me, Irene Demetri, a web and graphic designer based in Athens Greece. I love being creative and working on projects such as website user interfaces and visual design for mobile applications amongst others.

Youandigraphics - PixelsMarket Cool Websites #16

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