PixelsMarket Cool Websites #22

Lars Tornoe - Cool Websites

Once again we present you a round-up of beautiful and inspirational website designs.

This is a weekly series of articles we publish on Sunday and includes a selection of amazing website designs created by top designers.

If you know a beautiful website you would like to see in our next round-ups, send it to us via the Submit Inspiration form or via our Twitter.

In case you missed the previous issue: PixelsMarket Cool Websites #21

Today we have for you a selection of these cool websites: Infantree, Kayako, Lars Tornøe, Studio D and The Neighbourhood.


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Infantree - Cool Websites

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Kayako helps companies manage customer requests and conversations over any channel, support customers better, and stay personal as they grow.

Kayako - Cool Websites

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Lars Tornøe

Lars Tornøe is a Norwegian design studio devoted to furniture design and related fields of product design, working with various clients across Northern Europe.

Lars Tornoe - Cool Websites

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Studio D

Studio D specializes in studio, commercial, and corporate photography, along with aerial drone photography. We see things differently.

Studio Dyxe - Cool Websites

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The Neighbourhood

We create work that gets noticed by thinking harder, pushing further and caring more.

The Neighbourhood - Cool Websites

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