PixelsMarket Cool Websites #23

Once again we present you a round-up of beautiful and inspirational website designs.

This is a weekly series of articles we publish on Sunday and includes a selection of amazing website designs created by top designers.

If you know a beautiful website you would like to see in our next round-ups, send it to us via the Submit Inspiration form or via our Twitter.

In case you missed the previous issue: PixelsMarket Cool Websites #22

Today we have for you a selection of these cool websites: Atlassian Design, Cabify, Compose, Digital Asset and New South Australia.

Atlassian Design

Use Atlassian’s end-to-end design language to create straightforward and beautiful experiences.

Atlassian Design - PixelsMarket Cool Websites #23

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A cool taxi company like Uber for South America..

Cabify - PixelsMarket Cool Websites #23

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Performance and reliable data layers for developers who’d rather spend their time building apps than managing databases.

Compose - PixelsMarket Cool Websites #23

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Digital Asset

Digital Asset combines unparalleled financial markets leadership with world class technologists across multiple fields in one of the fastest growing fintech companies in the world.

Digital Asset - PixelsMarket Cool Websites #23

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New South Australia

The office works to increase awareness of South Australia and drive preference for the state as a destination of choice for foreign investment, trade, migration, study and tourism.

New South Australia - PixelsMarket Cool Websites #23

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