PixelsMarket Cool Websites #28

Once again we present you a round-up of beautiful and inspirational website designs.

This is a weekly series of articles we publish on Sunday and includes a selection of amazing website designs created by top designers.

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In case you missed the previous issue: PixelsMarket Cool Websites #27

Today we have for you a selection of these cool websites: Miss Mary’s Morning Elyxir, Design For Good, Caleb Sylvest, Kickpush and Wirecutter.

Miss Mary’s Morning Elyxir

Miss Mary’s is a premium bloody mary mix that is hand crafted in small batches. Once you wake up with Miss Mary, you’ll never want to wake up alone.

Miss Mary's Morning Elyxir
Miss Mary’s Morning Elyxir, premium bloody mary recipe

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Design For Good

Between now and October 13th create a poster on the theme of Design for Good, enter it for electronic judging by Kit Hinrichs, and have a beautiful print* of your work featured in the exhibition on October 23rd.

Design For Good, Design a great poster for fame
Design For Good, design a great poster for fame

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Caleb Sylvest

Thinker, Pixel Pusher, Experience Advocate, Code Monkey, Entrepreneur, Part-time self-deprecating comedian.

Caleb Sylvest
Caleb Sylvest, thinker, pixel pusher, entrepreneur and more

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Product design studio from sunny London.

Kickpush, Product design studio from sunny London.
Kickpush, product design studio from sunny London.

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Wirecutter is a list of the best appliances, tech, and gear for the home. Reviews are based on research and hands-on testing by veteran journalists, scientists, and researchers.

Wirecutter, best tech for home.
Wirecutter, best tech for home.

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