Plyr Simple HTML5 Player

Plyr Free HTML5, Youtube and Vimeo Player
File size: 112 KB • Format: JS • Requirements: None • License: Free • See more:

Plyr is a simple, lightweight HTML5, Youtube and Vimeo player you can use to play your media video and audio files. Plyr supports all major browsers, works with Bootstrap and is easy to customize to fit your needs.

Plyr is also available as a plugin for WordPress, Neos and Kirby.


  • Accessible – full support for VTT captions and screen readers
  • Lightweight – under 10KB minified and gzipped
  • Customisable – make the player look how you want with the markup you want
  • Semantic – uses the right elements. <input type=”range”> for volume and <progress> for progress and well, <button>s for buttons. There’s no <span> or <a href=”#”> button hacks
  • Responsive – works with any screen size
  • HTML Video & Audio – support for both formats
  • Embedded Video – support for YouTube and Vimeo video playback
  • Streaming – support for hls.js, Shaka and dash.js streaming playback
  • API – toggle playback, volume, seeking, and more
  • Events – no messing around with Vimeo and YouTube APIs, all events are standardized across formats
  • Fullscreen – supports native fullscreen with fallback to “full window” modes
  • Shortcuts – supports keyboard shortcuts
  • i18n support – support for internationalization of controls
  • No dependencies – written in “vanilla” JavaScript, no jQuery required
  • SASS and LESS – to include in your build processes
Download from GitHub


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