WordPress Plugin To Load JQuery Libraries From WordPress.com CDN

Load JQuery Libraries from Wordpress.com CDN

I am always looking for ways to make my WordPress blog load faster. Why am I doing this? Well, a faster website means better user experience. Users can browse more pages on my blog if the website loads faster. Not to mention Google now factors website speed in its search engine rankings.

One method to speed up your WordPress blog is to load JQuery from a CDN, like Google CDN, JQuery CDN or Cloudflare CDN. What this does is free the broswer to load some other file in parallel. There are a number of ways to do that. All you have to do is do a Google search for it and you’ll find tons of articles on this (this article on WP Beginner is a good start).

What you won’t find is how to load all the other JQuery libraries from external CDNs. Most themes nowadays use different JQuery scripts for menus, sliders, tabs and such. One such library is JQuery UI. This library includes several sub-libraries, such as JQuery UI Tabs, JQuery UI Sliders and more.

These make your website load slowly. Loading them from a powerful CDN such as the WordPress.com CDN can bring a big performance boost to your website.

JQuery Libraries from WordPress.com CDN plugin installation

Load JQuery Libraries from WordPress.com CDN

You can do all of the above by using a WordPress plugin that loads all the extra JQuery scripts from the WordPress.com CDN, and always loads the latest version. The plugin doesn’t have any settings, you just download it from GitHub, install it normally, activate it and you’re set.

Download from GitHub
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