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A growing collection of CSS coding snippets and goodies you can download and use in your development projects.

20+ Free HTML Contact Form Templates

Contact forms are crucial for any website. Without a contact form you are forced to directly display your email address and this leaves in vulnerable to email collecting bots. Believe me I have tried every possible solution to hide or… More info →

Responsive Tables in CSS

Ever wanted to make truly responsive tables with HTML and CSS? Well, it’s not all that easy, but not impossible. You can do it with some CSS code. There is a demo below you can use to see the difference between… More info →

HTML User Card With Social Links

This is a simple fully coded user card made with HTML and CSS. It includes social links for Facebook, Twitter, Dribbble, Pinterest and Linkedin as well as a list of followers with profile avatars. The card also includes the user’s… More info →

PixelsMarket. Weekly Coolness #1

This issue of the PixelsMarket. Weekly Coolness includes : Material Design for Bootstrap, Enjoy CSS generator, Walkway and InstantClick JS libraries, Zenovice free invoice app, Animatr extension for Chrome, Foodie’s Food stock icons website, ScreenSnap PSD screenshot creator, iPhone 6… More info →

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