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A growing collection of free icons you can download and use in your projects.

Subway, Pixel-Perfect Icons For iOS, Apple Watch, Windows and BlackBerry 10

Subway is a beautiful set of over 300 pixel-perfect icons optimized for iOS, Apple Watch, Windows and BlackBerry 10 designed by Mariusz Ostrowski. Te pack includes: Apple Watch Menu Icons iOS (30px/@1x and 60px/@2x) iOS 7/8 Style (30px/@1x, 60px/@2x, 90px/@3x, iOS 8… More info →

Free Sketch Christmas Icons

This is a beautiful pack including 12 free Sketch Christmas icons designed by Kristina Vlastjuk. All icons are designed using a beautiful minimal style with a limited color pallette and that says a lot about their quality. The icons are free… More info →

Free VR Icons

Well, this one is pretty uncommon, sort of … it’s a free virtual reality (VR) icon set designed by a talented Thai designer. You can see more of his work on his portfolio, sunbzy.com. This icon set includes a number of… More info →

40 Free Winter and Christmas Icons

Today we have another great free Christmas icons pack you can use in your holiday designs. These winter and Christmas icons are available in 3 different styles: flat, line and color line. The pack includes a total of 40 icons… More info →

Themify Icons, 320+ Pixel Perfect Icons

Themify Icons is a complete set of icons for use in web design and apps, consisting of 320+ pixel-perfect, hand-crafted icons available as a WordPress plugin or as an icon font. This icon set is a must have tool for… More info →

Free Christmas Icons Pack

Christmas is near and you might be busy in designing the social posts/posters for celebration. So, we thought you might use some help. This is a beautiful free Christmas icons pack provided by the guys at IconScout. The pack includes 39… More info →

Glyph, A Free SVG Icon Set

Glyph is a beautiful, semantic and very versatile free SVG icon set. Glyph is a collection of ~800 beautiful pixel-perfect SVG icons, designed for the modern web. Glyph is 16×16, but because it’s SVG, it can be any size you want…. More info →

Free Office Icons

This is a small pack of free office icons designed by the talented Russian designer Artem Chernyshev. The pack includes 9 high quality icons, representing files, folders, a pencil, a printer and more. The icons are available in Illustrator AI file format… More info →

Showwwcase, 28 Free Stroke Icons Pack

Showwwcase is a simple icon pack that includes 28 free stroke icons, with a 2px line. The pack is very minimal and includes web icons, mobile icons, shopping icons and more. The icons are free to use in your personal… More info →

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