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A growing collection of online apps you can use to make your designer life easier.

uiGradients, Beautiful Gradients For Designers

uiGradients is a very useful tool offering an ever-growing collection of gradients for designers. Even though gradients are not as popular as they used to be a few years ago, the trend is slowly coming back, so a tool like this… More info →

Placemat, Free Image Placeholder Service

Placemat is a beautiful free image placeholder service designed by Paul Straw. The service provides some pretty nice placeholder nouns for your site (people, places, and things), powered by imgix. On each load Placemat can provide a new random image from… More info →

Pictaculous, Get Your Color Palette From An Image

Pictaculous is a wonderful tool for designers that allows you to upload an image and it automatically compiles a color palette based on that image. You can download the palette as an Adobe swatch file. It also generates palette suggestions… More info →

Codepad, Find And Share Code Snippets

Codepad is a place for developers to share & save code snippets. It’s a remarkable community of developers that can help you with your code snippets to save time on your projects. You can filter the snippets by the programming… More info →

Crontab.guru, Online Cron Jobs Editor

Have you ever needed to set up a cron job for one of your websites? if you have, you know that it’s no easy task. This is where Crontab.guru comes in. It provides an easy WYSIWYG interface for creating cron… More info →

SketchViewer, View Sketch Files Online

SketchViewer is like the name says an online viewer for .sketch file types. It allows you to pan & zoom to find your artboards laid out precisely the same way you left them in Sketch. It includes version history which… More info →

Jpeg.io, Online JPEG Optimization Tool

Jpeg.io is a free online interface for rapidly and conveniently converting your images into highly optimized JPEGs using Kraken.io’s proprietery JPEG optimization algorithms. It has been engineered with simplicity in mind: simply drop your image into the drop space and… More info →

Finda.photo, Free Stock Photo Search Tool

Finda.Photo is a simple search engine for finding stock photos. There are several ways to search for photos. There’s the classic way of searching through a search box, you can also search by color, by category or by source. You… More info →

Compress Video Files Online With Compressify

Compressify is an online app that allows you to compress any sort of video files online with minimal quality loss. You can gain this way a file with up to 60% smaller. Google’s new VP9 codec for WebM format video… More info →

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