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Blisk, A Browser For Web Developers

Blisk is a powerful new browser specifically created for web developers. It’s based on the Google Chromium project and it includes fully emulated phones, tablets and laptops. With Blisk you are always at same page and same scroll position using… More info →

History Search, Find Anything in Your Browsing History

History Search is a plugin for your browser that stores and organizes your browsing history online. This way you can find any webpage you’ve been on by searching any word, phrase or sentence you remember. You can also activate an… More info →

Ninite, Install And Update All Your Programs At Once

Ninite is a very cool and useful app for designers that allows you to install most of the free useful programs and utilities you need in your everyday digital live at once and keep them updated at any time. You don’t… More info →

Yandex, A New Minimal Web Browser

I’ll just go ahead and say it : Yandex is one of the best things I have seen in awhile and certainly the most user friendly browser you can find at the moment. Even though it’s currently in alpha, the… More info →

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