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Timely, Scheduling and Time Tracking App

Timely Time Tracking App
File size: 16.5 MB • Format: App • Requirements: Web browser or iOS • License: Free • See more:

Timely makes scheduling and time tracking as simple as it should be. Timely has been around for some time now, and the design of the app has recently been updated to make it more user friendly as before. The clean look and colorful design make it joy to use.

Great deal for designers

Real-time sync engine

It features a powerful real-time sync engine. You can easily start tracking on your phone and pause it or stop it form the web app in real time. Also you can add hours from the web app and they instantly appear on the phone app.

Calendar integration

Timely integrates seamlessly with iOS calendars, which means you can easily integrate all your calendars with a simple tap.

iOS 8 ready

Timely takes full advantage of iOS 8 and Yosemite’s Handoff feature. When you have Timely open on either platform, easily open up the other platform with a touch or click.

The app’s Today Widget make it easy to start and stop timers from any screen of your phone, even the lock screen.

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