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Stock Photos Sites

A growing collection of free and premium stock photos websites. On this page you will find the best stock photos websites. If you know a great color palettes website, don’t hesitate to let us know. View all our design links → Pexels… More info →

Color Palettes

Find the right color palette for your graphic and web designs. On these websites you will find the best color palettes for your designs you can find on the web. Coolors The super fast colour schemes generator for cool designers. COLOUR Lovers… More info →

Snabbt.js – Minimalistic JS Animation Library

Snabbt.js is a minimalistic Javascript animation library that allows you to translate, rotate, scale, skew and resize your elements. These transforms can be combined in any way you wish and the end result is set via CSS3 transform matrices. Snabbt.js… More info →

PhotoSwipe, a Javascript Gallery With No Dependencies

PhotoSwipe is a Javascript gallery created using Node.js, Grunt.js, Ruby and Jekyll. It can be used to showcase galleries both on desktop and on mobile devices. All basic gestures are supported: flick to the next or previous image, spread to… More info →

Yandex, A New Minimal Web Browser

I’ll just go ahead and say it : Yandex is one of the best things I have seen in awhile and certainly the most user friendly browser you can find at the moment. Even though it’s currently in alpha, the… More info →

Subtle Patterns, A Huge Library Of Free Seamless Patterns

Subtle Patterns is a free seamless patterns website that includes a huge library of textures and patterns for your design projects. The website is pretty straight forward, you navigate the website searching for the pattern you are looking for and you download… More info →

FlowupLabels.js, Form Labels Behave Like Placeholders

FlowupLabels.js is a small Javascript that you may find very useful for your forms. Using it you can make form labels behave like placeholders. What does that mean? When you focus on the email field for example, the label “Email”… More info →

Superhero.js, The Catalog of Javascript Resources

Superhero.js is one of the best websites offering free Javascript resources. Using this website you can learn Javascript if you are a beginner or extend your JS coding skills if you are an advanced programmer. Superhero.js offers a lot of… More info →

PixelsMarket. Weekly Coolness #1

This issue of the PixelsMarket. Weekly Coolness includes : Material Design for Bootstrap, Enjoy CSS generator, Walkway and InstantClick JS libraries, Zenovice free invoice app, Animatr extension for Chrome, Foodie’s Food stock icons website, ScreenSnap PSD screenshot creator, iPhone 6… More info →

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