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Startup Framework by Designmodo
PhotoSwipe Image Gallery

PhotoSwipe, a Javascript Gallery With No Dependencies

Great deal for designers

Yandex Web Browser

Yandex, A New Minimal Web Browser


Slides Framework by Designmodo
Subtle Patterns

Subtle Patterns, A Huge Library Of Free Seamless Patterns

Flowlabels.js - Form Labels Javascript

FlowupLabels.js, Form Labels Behave Like Placeholders

Superhero.js - Free Javascript Resources

Superhero.js, The Catalog of Javascript Resources


Startup Framework by Designmodo
Weekly Design Coolness

PixelsMarket. Weekly Coolness #1

Timely Time Tracking App

Timely, Scheduling and Time Tracking App

Flipboard 3.0

Flipboard 3.0 Has Been Released