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20 Free Photoshop Actions

A bundle of 20 free Photoshop actions created by our friends at DealFuel. These one-of-a-kinds Photoshop actions are ideal for photographers, bloggers, web designers and graphic designers. Using these actions you will be able to: Transform your photos to impressive images… More info →

Color Supply, Color Combinations From Designers

Color Supply provides the best color combinations from designers & illustrators around the world. It also provides an app where you can create your own color combinations. You can create complementary or analogue two-color combinations or you can create 3… More info →

Simple CSS Loaders For Websites and Applications

When the users of your app or website must wait for something it is custom to show an animation showing that the content is loading. In the past we used to use transparent GIFs, but now we can do this… More info →

Create Medium-like Side Comments With Javascript

If you ever visited a Medium blog (for example PixelsMarket on Medium), surely you mush have noticed the amazing comments. If you didn’t let me give you a short description. Instead of the classic WordPress blogging comments at the end… More info →

5 Free Photoshop Matte Actions

This is a set of 5 free Photoshop actions for creating matte effects with your photos, released exclusively for PixelsMarket by our friends at Loaded Landscapes. You can download and use these actions for free in your personal and commercial… More info →

35+ Free Image Optimization Tools For Designers

As a designer and a blogger I use image optimization tools on a daily basis. They’re probably some of the most used tools I work with it every day. When we talk about image optimization tools, we talk about offline and… More info →

Font Matcherator, Find Fonts in Images

Font Matcherator is a very useful tool designed by the guys at Font Spring, that can help you find the fonts used in images. All you have to do is upload the image, and the tool does the rest. It… More info →

Type.js, Add CSS Properties For Better Typography

Type.js is a small Javascript library that allows you to extend your CSS properties control over the type in an HTML page. Type.js adds new type properties to your CSS, giving you the control you need for type on the… More info →

Snazzy Maps, Beautiful Google Maps Styles

Snazzy Maps is a repository of different styles for Google Maps aimed towards web designers and developers. There is a huge number of map styles available, organized in different categories like: colorful, light, dark and more. You can also sort… More info →

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