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20 Free Photoshop Actions

A bundle of 20 free Photoshop actions created by our friends at DealFuel. These one-of-a-kinds Photoshop actions are ideal for photographers,… More info →

Color Supply, Color Combinations From Designers

Color Supply provides the best color combinations from designers & illustrators around the world. It also provides an app where… More info →

Simple CSS Loaders For Websites and Applications

When the users of your app or website must wait for something it is custom to show an animation showing… More info →

Create Medium-like Side Comments With Javascript

If you ever visited a Medium blog (for example PixelsMarket on Medium), surely you mush have noticed the amazing comments…. More info →

5 Free Photoshop Matte Actions

This is a set of 5 free Photoshop actions for creating matte effects with your photos, released exclusively for PixelsMarket… More info →

35+ Free Image Optimization Tools For Designers

As a designer and a blogger I use image optimization tools on a daily basis. They’re probably some of the… More info →

Font Matcherator, Find Fonts in Images

Font Matcherator is a very useful tool designed by the guys at Font Spring, that can help you find the… More info →

Type.js, Add CSS Properties For Better Typography

Type.js is a small Javascript library that allows you to extend your CSS properties control over the type in an… More info →

Snazzy Maps, Beautiful Google Maps Styles

Snazzy Maps is a repository of different styles for Google Maps aimed towards web designers and developers. There is a… More info →

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