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Ninite, Install And Update All Your Programs At Once

Ninite is a very cool and useful app for designers that allows you to install most of the free useful… More info →

Optimage, Advanced Image Optimization App for OS X

Optimage is an advanced image optimization app for OS X 10.7+ that you can use for free with some limitations. Optimage uses… More info →

flipLightBox.js, Responsive JQuery Lightbox Plugin

flipLightBox is a free Responsive Lightbox jQuery Plugin that is extremely easy to implement and doesn’t require any additional stylesheets,… More info →

LiteUploader, File Upload Library for NodeJS and jQuery

This is a lightweight library for NodeJS and jQuery, aiming to make uploading files a doddle. With some useful options… More info →

JQuery Loading Overlays Plugin

jQuery ownage loader is a plugin for nice loading overlays. This plugin also contains ownage PageLoader extension to create page… More info →

uiGradients, Beautiful Gradients For Designers

uiGradients is a very useful tool offering an ever-growing collection of gradients for designers. Even though gradients are not as popular… More info →

Logo Design, 7 Steps to Create Cool Logos for the Web

Even if you’re a novice web designer, you know your decisions affect a client’s brand identity—and that can include their… More info →

Fuse, Build Native iOS and Android Apps

Fuse empowers designers to build the layout, animations and interactions themselves. All in real time, across any screen size, allowing… More info →

CSSCO, Photographic Filters Made With CSS

CSSCO is a CSS library that allows you to add photographic effects to your images with pure CSS and no… More info →

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