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Yandex, A New Minimal Web Browser

Yandex Web Browser
File size: 97.1 • Format: Software • Requirements: Windows, OS X, Android or iOS • License: Free • See more:

I’ll just go ahead and say it : Yandex is one of the best things I have seen in awhile and certainly the most user friendly browser you can find at the moment. Even though it’s currently in alpha, the browser looks and feels amazing. It’s light, it’s fast, it’s minimal and user friendly.

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Yandex Minimal Browser

Even though it’s minimal, Yandex is packed with very useful tools and addons to make your web life a lot easier. There’s an interesting reputation tool for websites, where you can participate actively. Every link or website you visit has a rating based on previous visitors’ opinion. You can also find out if it’s child-safe or not. You can rate bad websites or websites that have malware so future visitors can be aware.

There’s a cloud sync function, of course, so you can have access to your bookmarks and history on any device. By the way, Yandex is available for a large range of platforms and devices : Window, Mac, iOS and Android.

Evernote is integrated with Yandex and you can use the powerful web clipper to save websites or sections of a website. You can do the same with Pocket, which is also integrated.

There’s also a great web screenshot addon you can use to easily take screenshots of websites.

A powerful ad blocker is installed by default, so you can have the best browsing experience possible.

LastPass password manager is also integrated by default. If you are not familiar, LastPass is a powerful password generator and manager and with it you will never have to worry about remember passwords again.

A special video viewing mode is available, dimming everything else except the video for the best possible experience.

This is a very short description of this amazing browser. For a more indepth look at it, install it. You won’t regret it and you won’t be able to stop using it.

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