With the development of Bootstrap, we’ve seen and explosion of free and premium HTML5 website templates, most of them responsive. These also include free responsive admin dashboard templates, which are pretty hard to design, I have to say.

Admin dashboards typically include multiple charts, statistics, tables, calendars and more. Making all these elements display properly on every device is no easy task and this is why good, responsive admin templates are very popular.

AdminLTE is a very beautifully designed admin dashboard. It is based on the popular Bootstrap 3 framework and it’s very easy to customize fro your needs. It is fully responsive, so you can access your admin panel from anywhere, on any device. AdminLTE has been carefully coded with clear comments in all of its JS, LESS and HTML files. LESS has been used to increase code customizability.

This awesome admin dashboard includes 10 high quality page templates (Dashboard, Mailbox, Calendar, Invoice, Lockscreen, Login, Register, 404 Error, 500 Error, Blank page) built with 18 plugins and 3 custom plugins, is lightweight, fast and compatible with most browsers, desktop and mobile.

AdminLTE Free Responsive Admin Dasboard Preview

AdminLTE Free Responsive Admin Dasboard Preview

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