The Best Fonts to Use for Business Cards

The best fonts for business cards

As a professional, you want to promote yourself in a way that says you’re serious about your work, but also to present yourself as your own person. Is there room for individuality in the business world? Absolutely. Find out how you can design your business cards specifically to communicate your unique personality while conveying an air of professionalism and sophistication. The office personality types below were inspired by this article from Forbes.

The Newbie

This is your first major opportunity. You’re enthusiastic, motivated, and ready to prove yourself. Fitting into corporate life may be somewhat of a culture shock for you, since it seems like the appropriate window of self-expression is very small and monochromatic.

Brandon Grotesque

On your business cards, though, you have plenty of room to display your eagerness and optimism without looking like you’re still in college. Good fonts for you would include the striking Brandon Grotesque or the subtly casual Maven Pro. These will make you stand out, without using garish design that attracts the wrong kind of attention.

The Cheerleader

You support your workplace with as much pride as you do your favorite sports team. Your greatest desire is that everyone will enjoy this job as much as you do, making you the ideal person to cheer others up.


The Seussical cheerfulness of Happy Day or the comfortable welcome of Margot will give your business cards the pop of happiness that your personality brings to your environment.

The Future Boss

You’re not here to mess around. You enjoy your job, but more so if you feel that you’re going somewhere. You know how to lead by example as well as by suggestion, and your progress upward through the ranks is all but a foregone conclusion.

Kraftsoff Font

The business cards you use should leave no doubt that you’re going places, and you know it. Use Kraftstoff for an air of rugged confidence, or pack an elegant punch with Neutraface.

Man’s Best Friend

When you take up a position, you’re in it for the long haul. You take your time getting to know the people, the details, and the systems, so that you can use them to your advantage. Your loyalty to friends, bosses, and the company is legendary; and your long-term game is a force to be reckoned with. Someone as grounded as you are doesn’t need to show off. Times New Roman announces your maturity without any need for ostentation, while Modum presents you with classic yet modern formality.

The Team Player

No one will ever accuse you of slacking off. Brainstorming and improvising aren’t your forte; you prefer to be given clear directions and set loose on them. Others find your hard work inspiring and are willing to accept direction from you because you do everything well.

Museo Font

Your trustworthiness and simplicity would be best communicated by the fun Museo or the steady Aleo.

The Perfectionist

You want everything to be the best that it can be, which can lead you to be skeptical of others’ enthusiasm and value execution over vision. Your eye for detail is unparalleled, and every assignment you’re given is sure to come back impeccable. Coworkers can count on you to point out perceived mistakes, knowing you want to make everything the best that it can be.


Play up your meticulous professional image with Helvetica or Simplifica: clean, polished, and never wrong.

The Natural

When presented with the right motivation, you seem to have the golden touch in your work. You care more about doing things well than advancing yourself, making you one of the most dependable members of the office. To convey dependability, drive, and straightforwardness, brand yourself with Bebas or FF Din.

The Inspirer

In everything your coworkers do, you see a way to do it better. Combine this incisive vision with your personal energy, channel it into your quest for improvement, and let your imagination explode!


With a supportive boss and energetic team, you can affect some positive change in your workplace. You also know what it’s like to have a good idea shot down, so use your business cards to show that you’re here to create, not to take over. Feast your creative eye on the restrained artistry of Lobster, or use Goodfy to demonstrate the flow of ideas you constantly feel.

The Busy Beaver

Nothing would get done without you. You know the importance of consistent, productive work, and you deliver that every day. Since you aren’t looking to make a name for yourself, not everyone realizes how much they depend on you, but you don’t exert yourself to get recognized. In the important place you hold in your company, you want your business cards to be accessible and easygoing. Fonts like Arial, Courier New, and Futura display your reliability without portraying you as a cog in a machine.

The Soccer Mom

You’re a great person to come to with questions because you love to show others how things are done. You also have a quick eye for someone who’s struggling or needs a boost, which leads your coworkers to see you as a “mom” figure.


Though you specialize in offering grace, you know the difference between a legitimate cry for help and a moan of laziness. You only devote your services where you know they’re needed. Your versatility comes through in fonts like Balto — light for offering extra help, heavy for taking care of business — or Cubano: steady, friendly, and ready to work.

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