Free Postal Package Mockup

Free postal package mockup

The postal package mockup is great for concept projects or Instagram design shots. It is a realistic photographed mockup that has enormous detail. You can zoom in and show your design up close. The mockup contains a .psd file and 4 .png images that can be used in any creative software, even word, of powerpoint ? Works with Photoshop, sketch InDesign, Illustrator, Gimp, Inkscape, CorelDraw, word, powerpoint, google slides, etc. Made by bolderaja1.

In today’s world, we receive hundreds of postage packs from different online stores as society shifts its shopping habits more and more to a fully automated online experience. And these post packs are the first physical connection you get with your online order. It’s kinda magical when you think about it, you get to unwrap something every other day, it’s kinda like Christmas once a week :D.  

Download mockup (png, 23 MB)

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