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How to Schedule Windows 10 to Shutdown Automatically After X Minutes

How to schedule Windows 10 to shutdown
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You might be wondering “I am a designer. Why do I need to know to schedule Windows to shutdown?”. Well, it doesn’t matter if you are a designer or not, you are a computer user, and as a computer user you do other things than graphic or web design. You might enjoy to watch a movie or your favorite show when you go to bed at night and you end up falling asleep. Who is going to shutdown your computer?

Great deal for designers

If you do not watch movies, online TV or TV shows when you go to bed at night, you might be waiting for a download, or a backup upload to finish and you want to go to sleep. Also there are plenty of design situations when this piece of knowledge might come handy. For example you are rendering in your favorite 3D software, be it 3D Studio MAX or Maya 3D or you are processing a very large movie, or even very large Photoshop files.

Using this piece of code you can schedule your computer to shutdown after any number of minutes you wish. And you can do this without installing any additional programs. Many people install all sorts of apps and programs that do this simple thing, when it’s not actually needed. All you need to do is follow these simple steps and that is it.

The first thing you need to do is to start the Windows command terminal. You do this by clicking Start → Run  and type “cmd“.

Schedule Shutdown in WIndows 10

This will open this window :

Schedule Shutdown in WIndows 10

Now all you have to do is type this line of code :

shutdown -s -t 600

The number at the end of the code symbolizes the number of seconds to wait before the actual shutdown sequence is initiated. In this example that time is 600 seconds or 10 minutes. You can edit this value to anything you want. For example 3600. That means the computer will automatically shutdown after 60 minutes.

If you’ve done this correctly a dialog will appear on the screen letting you know how much time there is before the shutdown, and the exact time and date of the scheduled shutdown.

Schedule Shutdown in WIndows 10

If for some reason you need to cancel the scheduled shutdown procedure just enter in the command prompt (Start → Run → “cmd”) this line of code :

shutdown /a

This will cause a notification to appear in the bottom right corner confirming the canceling :

Schedule Shutdown in WIndows 10

That’s about it. There are also other ways to schedule Windows to shutdown, but I think this is the fastest one. It doesn’t require any install and it literally takes a few seconds.

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