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Amazing Photo Manipulations by Viktoria Solidarnyh

Viktoria Solidarnyh is a very talented designer from Kirovskoye, Ukraine. Her main focus are photo manipulations made in Photoshop. Some… More info →

Natural History Surrealist Sculptures by Ellen Jewett

Ellen Jewett is a really interesting surrealist artist that does amazing “photo manipulation”-like sculptures and prints of them. You can… More info →

NASA Visions Of The Future Posters

NASA has commissioned Invisible Creature design company to design a bunch of posters dedicated to space exploration, and the result… More info →

Awesome Seinfeld Quotes Motivational Posters-style Art

Seinfeld was probably one of the most iconic TV shows ever made and I have to admit I am a… More info →

Leaf Art By Lorenzo Manuel Duran

Yes, you read it right, it’s leaf art and it’s pretty amazing, and that’s why we’re presenting it to you…. More info →

Chalkboard Art By Two Anonymous Students

The story goes that two students from Colombia College of Art and Design sneak into a classroom every week and they… More info →

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