flexImages - Fast JQuery Gallery Plugin

flexImages, Fast JQuery Gallery Plugin

flexImages is a lightweight fast jQuery gallery plugin for creating fluid galleries as seen on…


Medium-like Side Comments With JQuery

Create Medium-like Side Comments With Javascript

If you ever visited a Medium blog (for example PixelsMarket on Medium), surely you mush…

flipLightBox.js, Responsive JQuery Lightbox Plugin

flipLightBox.js, Responsive JQuery Lightbox Plugin

flipLightBox is a free Responsive Lightbox jQuery Plugin that is extremely easy to implement and…

Light Upload Library for JQuery

LiteUploader, File Upload Library for NodeJS and jQuery

This is a lightweight library for NodeJS and jQuery, aiming to make uploading files a…

JQuery Loading Overlays Plugin

JQuery Loading Overlays Plugin

jQuery ownage loader is a plugin for nice loading overlays. This plugin also contains ownage…


Skippr Jquery Slideshow Plugin

Skippr Ultralight Slideshow Plugin For JQuery

Skippr is a light, fast slideshow plugin for jQuery, that’s very easy to set up and…