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uiGradients, Beautiful Gradients For Designers

uiGradients is a very useful tool offering an ever-growing collection of gradients for designers. Even though gradients are not as popular… More info →

Placemat, Free Image Placeholder Service

Placemat is a beautiful free image placeholder service designed by Paul Straw. The service provides some pretty nice placeholder nouns for… More info →

Pictaculous, Get Your Color Palette From An Image

Pictaculous is a wonderful tool for designers that allows you to upload an image and it automatically compiles a color… More info →

Codepad, Find And Share Code Snippets

Codepad is a place for developers to share & save code snippets. It’s a remarkable community of developers that can… More info →

Crontab.guru, Online Cron Jobs Editor

Have you ever needed to set up a cron job for one of your websites? if you have, you know… More info →

SketchViewer, View Sketch Files Online

SketchViewer is like the name says an online viewer for .sketch file types. It allows you to pan & zoom… More info →

Jpeg.io, Online JPEG Optimization Tool

Jpeg.io is a free online interface for rapidly and conveniently converting your images into highly optimized JPEGs using Kraken.io’s proprietery… More info →

Finda.photo, Free Stock Photo Search Tool

Finda.Photo is a simple search engine for finding stock photos. There are several ways to search for photos. There’s the… More info →

Compress Video Files Online With Compressify

Compressify is an online app that allows you to compress any sort of video files online with minimal quality loss…. More info →

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