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60 Blurred Beach Backgrounds

A collection of blurred beach backgrounds designed by Alexandre Boucher. The pack includes 60 high quality 4K blurred beach landscapes at a 300dpi resolution (can use them in print work). The backgrounds are available in JPG file format and are… More info →

Minimalist Wallpapers by Iftikhar Shaikh

A small bundle of 3 minimalist wallpapers designed by Iftikhar Shaikh. A preview of the wallpapers can be seen below. Minimalist Wallpapers Preview

Beautiful Black Shapes Wallpapers

This a series of beautiful high-quality black wallpapers rendered in Cinema 4D using just shapes and lights. The wallpapers are available for your desktop and mobile phone. The wallpapers are designed by Jean-Marc Denis. A preview of the wallpapers can… More info →

45+ Awesome Game of Thrones Wallpapers

Now that the season 6 has ended I decided to collect the best Game of Thrones wallpapers I can find. First of all, before we continue, this wallpaper collection features no spoilers. I’ve been a huge fan of the show… More info →

Free Minimal Blackberry Passport Wallpapers

I recently switched from an iPhone to a Blackberry, a Q10 to be more precise and I absolutely love it. It’s a fantastic phone. One thing I saw is that there are not all that many Blackberry wallpapers websites, like… More info →

Free Low-Poly Background

I don’t know about you, but I love low-poly backgrounds and wallpapers. This is a dark, blue to red low-poly wallpaper you can use in your designs. The original size of the background is 3000 x 2000 px.

iPhone 6 Plus Aerial Wallpapers

The display of the iPhone 6 is one of the best mobile displays on the market today. The Plus version with it’s added size makes everything displayed on it even more beautiful. The wallpaper is one of the things you… More info →

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