Kapwing, free online subtitle maker

Kapwing, Free Online Video Subtitle Maker

Embed subtitles directly into your video for using this free online video subtitle maker, Kapwing….


flexImages - Fast JQuery Gallery Plugin

flexImages, Fast JQuery Gallery Plugin

flexImages is a lightweight fast jQuery gallery plugin for creating fluid galleries as seen on…



Using CSS Animations For A Delightful User Experience

CSS animations is something that most website owners know they want to incorporate in their…

Full Page CSS Menu

Full Page CSS Menu

A working full page CSS menu freebie example for your website navigation. Once the menu…

Free Average Image Color Generator

Free Average Image Color Generator

The Average Image Color Generator is a free online tool which calculates the average color…


AutoComplete.js, Free Autocomplete Javascript Library

AutoComplete.js, Free Autocomplete Javascript Library

AutoComplete.js is a vanilla, light free autocomplete Javascript library that’s progressively designed for speed, high versatility…

Lozad.js, Javascript Lazy Loader

Lozad.js, A Light Lazy Load Javascript Library

Lozad.js is a highly performant, light and configurable lazy loader in pure JS with no…

Free Photoshop Gradients

57 Free Photoshop Gradients Pack

This pack includes 57 free gradients for Adobe Photoshop CC created by Tristan Nelson. The…

FlipHTML5, Create Flipbooks Online

FlipHTML5, Create Beautiful Flipbooks Online

FlipHTML5 is an interactive digital publishing platform that allows you to easily create magazines and…