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Let’s Enhance, Free Online Image Upscale and Enhancement

Let’s Enhance is a free online image upscale and enhancement service that allows you to optimize and increase the resolution of your JPG files. This service comes very handy when you only have the JPEG source file. Let’s Enhance will… More info →

Blisk, A Browser For Web Developers

Blisk is a powerful new browser specifically created for web developers. It’s based on the Google Chromium project and it includes fully emulated phones, tablets and laptops. With Blisk you are always at same page and same scroll position using… More info →

Copio, Copy and Paste Layers in Photoshop Plugin

Copio is a simple, yet very useful plugin that lets you copy and paste layers in Photoshop using keyboard shortcuts. It’s as easy as selecting the layer you want to copy and hitting Ctrl + Shift + C, then go… More info →

Mixfont, Find New Font Pairings

Mixfont is a powerful and useful tool for designers that helps you find new font pairings. It features a cool font generator that showcases a font pairing and displays it in different scenarios like blog posts and mobile app screens… More info →

History Search, Find Anything in Your Browsing History

History Search is a plugin for your browser that stores and organizes your browsing history online. This way you can find any webpage you’ve been on by searching any word, phrase or sentence you remember. You can also activate an… More info →

Reduce App, Compress Sketch Files in OS X

Reduce App is a nice, light-weight app that allows you to compress Sketch files in OS X. The app is very simple: you install it and you drag-and-drop the Sketch file you like to optimize. Then you have the option… More info →

Draggable.js, Drag & Drop Javascript Library

Draggable.js is a free modular Javascript drag and drop library you can use in your apps and websites, allowing you to start small and build up with the features you need. You don’t have to use it for fancy stuff…. More info →

Logo Crunch, Make Android and iOS Icons From Logos

Logo Crunch is a multi-resolution logo maker, allowing you to create Android and iOS icons from your logo. You can also create a quality favicon for your website from your logo.  It uses computer vision to make your high-res logo legible… More info →

5 Free Photoshop Haze Actions

This is a set of 5 free Photoshop haze actions for creating beautiful effects with your photos, released exclusively for PixelsMarket by our friends at Loaded Landscapes. You can download and use these actions for free in your personal and commercial projects. You… More info →

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